Equity and Justice

The EqualSTEM Project is a space for scientists and students of science who want academic fields in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) to be more equitable, inclusive, and just, in the context of South Asia. We want to build a community of scientists who understand the problem of systemic casteism, Islamophobia, and other intersecting and overlapping modes of oppression in science, and are committed to doing the work to solve this problem. 

Dalits, Bahujan, Adivasi and/or Muslim scientists are severely underrepresented in STEM higher education, as a result of structural and everyday discrimination. Here are some articles on social inequity and oppression in STEM in South Asia or the South Asian diaspora:

Dalit scientists face barriers in India’s top science institutes

Caste on Campus

Brahmins on India’s elite campuses say studying science is natural to upper castes

‘The Caste of Merit’: This book examines the festering problem through the example of IIT Madras

Trapped in Silicon Valley’s Hidden Caste System | WIRED

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